Monday, April 27, 2009

Not a flag carrier

So in the interest of becoming a better all-around warrior, I've spec'd arms for the time being, somewhat stacked toward PVP.  Let's get something straight though.  I don't have PVP gear, and I sure am not a master of my class.  So it was amazing to me when I stepped into WSG today that no one else could carry the flag.  There was a tank or two in the group, and plenty of healers to keep them up.  I don't mind running the flag, because that's offense, but once it hits defense mode, it gets boring, and I don't need the glory of a flag cap, so I try to pass it off, but it ended up going like this.

Run to flag room, grab flag
Use ItemRack to throw on prot gear and then pop ER
Switch to def. stance and run back, meeting a healer at the door
Run back to our roof, ask who wants the flag, give it to a pally with about 28k health
Use ItemRack to throw on arms gear
Try to chase down their FC, but on the way our FC gets owned, and they cap.
Since I'm 1/2 way there, I finish the run to the flag room, grab the flag again, switch gear again, pop ER again, meet a healer again, who tells me I should hang onto the flag.
That's fine with me, but I'm sitll going to try to get our flag down.
In the process of trying to get our flag back, I get sidetracked doing things like killing healers, and our flag gets returned twice
Eventually I get owned (healers can only keep you up for so long)
I immediately log.  I had other things I'm supposed to be doing today anyway, rather than be an idiot and contribute to BG losses (yes I realize by leaving I was contributing to the BG loss).

So all of this to say I think I could be a great FC, but as it is, I get too distracted, and end up making an idiot out of myself.  Maybe it's something worth practicing though.  It was kind of cool to have not a scrap of pvp gear and be able to survive just about anything they threw at me.  Of course we did have a lot of healers.

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  1. The solution there is not to play WSG. Dumb game. Go get yourself in Arathi and plant yourself at the BS. Thuderclap anything that tries to switch the flag and call out where the groups from the farm are heading. 2 HEADING TO LM! 5 HEADING FOR GM! As a shammy healer who can out tank/heal anything PvP I can tell you that me and a warrior can hold a flag for a long time by ourselves. Me and a dwarf fought off 5 attacks at GM with 2-4 attackers each wave b-4 we got overwhelmed by a group of 6. By then it was 1500 (us) to 600. Because we could hold that, the rest of the team had a constant assualt on LM and a group of 6 held BS. That dwarf rocked. I think he was from the Kel'Thuzad realm.